How to make the simple paper ship

How to make the simple paper ship

To create art from the simple sheet of paper decorative accessories and products call origami. In translation from Japanese it is meant by the "put paper". By means of origami at children figurative thinking, logic, imagination and intelligence develops.

It is required to you

  • - paper of A4 format


1. The simplest product from paper – the ship. The kid will be able to make the paper ship itself with the small help of the adult.

2. For production of the ship it is necessary to take the sheet A4. Put a leaf in half. Then once again in half – for a basting of the middle note a vertical excess and develop.

3. Wrap the top corners to the planned middle. The left corner has to connect to right.

4. In the bottom of the put leaf there were strips. Bend strips from each party up.

5. Wrap corners of strips inside, as shown in the drawing.

6. Now undertake corners of a paper triangle and connect them with each other. The figure in the form of a square has to turn out.

7. Fold bottom corners of a square up from each party that again the triangle turned out.

8. Undertake corners in the basis of a triangle and connect with each other. Again the square turned out.

9. Undertake the top corners of a figure, stretch them in the opposite directions.

10. The paper ship is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team