How to make the wall newspaper about the child

How to make the wall newspaper about the child

Sometimes there are situations what is wanted to congratulate the child on some significant event (the termination of kindergarten, a campaign in the first class, a birthday or even a prize-winning place at a competition of readers) to parents somehow unusually: so that both to the child it was interesting, and this day was remembered. The wall newspaper about the child - here the good solution of a question.

It is required to you

  • - leaf of a Whatman paper,
  • - simple graphite pencil,
  • - felt-tip pens,
  • - paints (gouache),
  • - brushes for drawing,
  • - several photos of the child and you - parents.


1. Decide on for what event the release will be dated embroider wall newspapers: a birthday of the child, achievement by it certain significant for him and you result (a reporting concert in musical to school, a victory at the mathematical Olympic Games) or some other event.

2. Think up the non-standard and cheerful name for the newspaper. If it, for example, is devoted to the child's victory in a mathematical competition of school students, then the name it seems "our Dimka - Pythagoras" will be quite appropriate and amusing. Brightly and colourfully represent the name on a leaf of a Whatman paper. It is possible even to paste the letters which are cut out from color paper in the form of a big rainbow arch or to collect them on a thread and to suspend for Whatman paper corners like a swing.

3. Decide how you want to place the main information on the child on the sheet of the newspaper. It can be a big tree with sprawling branches, on each of which the information about any given a stage of life of your offspring will be located. Or it is possible to make the wall newspaper in the form of a huge step-by-step wall game-hodilki with the rearranged counters buttons and a big cube, at the same time each significant vital episode in life of the child will be designated by the corresponding pictures. It is also possible just to divide the newspaper into several parts and to bring from them taking into account chronology all those events about which it would be desirable to tell.

4. Cut out and paste photos of the child in a chronological order: the birth (it is possible to issue in the form of the chicken who hatched from egg with a cheerful face of your kid, or to accurately paste a photo of the baby in the image which is cut out from the magazine a cabbage fork), the first steps (add huge red boots and mustache to the child's photo - the amusing Puss in Boots will turn out), the first independent lunch (finish drawing a huge spoon and make a cheerful inscription), the first day in kindergarten, the first visit of school and, at last, a photo of your child in a situation to which the issue of the newspaper was devoted (for example, a reporting concert at music school).

5. Supply each photo with the cheerful comment or the signature. It will lighten the mood both to the hero of the occasion, and his friends and the family.

6. Do not despair if you have no large number of photos, it is possible to multiply already available and (depending on the stage of life of the kid represented by you) it is simple to finish drawing or gluing missing nuances of an image, the same joyful image of the face of your child in the different represented cases will and look differently.

7. Show imagination and sense of humour, ozorno and cheerfully issued wall newspapers leave more joyful impressions, than serious and dry though at the same time and carefully made.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team