How to make the weaving loom for children's creativity

How to make the weaving loom for children's creativity

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In rainy winter days when it is necessary to stay at home all family, it is possible to spend time with benefit too and not to miss. To occupy children, it is possible to manufacture the simple weaving loom of improvised materials. It will be interesting to both boys, and girls to try out as the most true weaver or the weaver. Besides it is possible to weave the hands a napkin or maybe a plaid or a rug in a doll lodge.

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1. Cardboard is necessary very dense that it was difficult to bend it. Such cardboard can be bought in shop of goods for a hobby and creativity. From two opposite sides to make cuts about 1 centimeter long. The distance between cuts - 0.5 - 1 centimeter, depends on thread thickness. The thread is thicker, the it is more than a distance.

2. We take threads usual, for knitting, acrylic with wool or cotton with acrylic, for example. Amount of colors - at will. But on the first time it is better to take threads of two contrast colors: one color for the main threads, and others we will spin our product. We will fix the main thread by means of a clip on a cardboard corner.

3. Let's accurately pass thread throughout cuts as it is shown in the photo: we pass and pull down, we do a loop between cuts, we stretch thread in the following cut and we conduct thread up.

4. Let's fix thread on the other hand by a clip and we will cut off. We begin to spin. We will pass thread for weaving throughout a big sewing needle or throughout the chelnochok which is specially made of cardboard (it is possible to reel up on a chelnochok at once thread that it was not necessary to pull long, in it its advantage before a needle). We will fix the end of thread on cardboard by means of a clip. We pass thread through the main in the way: under thread - over thread as it is represented in the photo.

5. Now in other party, but the main thread which was from above passes from below now. That is, we observe a so-called chess order.

6. We press several weaved ranks to each other by means of a crest or a usual table fork.

7. When the product is ready, we begin to remove it with a stanochka. We will remove one loop, we will cut and we will connect to receive a brush from two tails. So one for another to remove all loops. In the same way to arrive and on the other hand. Such weaving loom made of improvised materials can win children's arrangement for a long time.

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