How to make toys of cotton wool

How to make toys of cotton wool

Toys from cotton wool it is possible to make with own hands together with the child. Such toy in which the part of soul is enclosed will help the kid to learn to appreciate human work. And maybe, will become a good memento for the loved one.

It is required to you

  • Cotton wool or cotton balls, gouache, brush, PVA glue, pieces of knitted fabric, match, bead.


1. Hand-made articles and volume toys from cotton wool differ in environmental friendliness, simplicity of production, variety of forms and invoices. Inexpensive cotton wool, is easily rumpled and rolls down, painted in any bright colors. But it is better to begin acquaintance to cotton toys with something simple, for example, from carrot or a snowman for a New Year tree. For production the idle time of a toy is required to you plain unpainted cotton wool from pharmacy from which it is easy to roll balls about walnut. It is even more convenient to use ready cosmetic cotton balls, it is possible multi-colored.

2. To make a snowman, it is necessary to roll or select most a big cotton ball and a ball less. Details stick together among themselves with PVA glue which when drying becomes imperceptible on a product. While glue dries, it is possible to find or prepare other details for a toy: a nose carrot, hands and legs from matches, a bucket on the head from a bottle lid, a bead for eyes. The scarf — a knitted strip of any bright fabric will add an image of a snowman. The bottom of a snowman needs to be impregnated generously with glue and to paste to a piece of cardboard or dense matter for stability.

3. To stick together carrot, it is necessary to distribute a small amount of glue on palms and to roll from cotton wool small sausage with wider basis. Mixing up with glue, cotton wool becomes more dense and more plastic. If it is a toy for a fir-tree, at the beginning of a raskatyvaniye paste a loop from dense green thread in the middle of a product and continue to skatyvat a cone. Ready carrot is covered with several adhesive layers of the PVA mixed with orange gouache. Drying, such paint will not be soiled. The top part of carrot is painted in dark green color. By the same principle it is possible to make rolls, buns, steering-wheels and other bakery products for childish sports, having saved at the same time on purchase of expensive plastic toys. Also believe, in these toys of own preparation the child will play with great interest.

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