How to make up beautifully eyes black pencil

How to make up beautifully eyes black pencil

woman dreams to emphasize beauty of the eyes with black pencil - being gracefully and correctly outlined, eyes become bottomless and fix to themselves delighted men's looks. And each woman can learn this art of make-up.

It is required to you

  • - sheet of paper;
  • - usual pencil;
  • - pencil for eyes;
  • - Q-tip;
  • - liquid for removal of make-up;


  1. If you have to make up eyes with pencil for the first time, then at first take the sheet of paper, draw on it eyes and be trained to draw on their contour accurate smooth lines usual pencil - it will allow you to feel more surely during creation of make-up directly in the eyes.
  2. Take the ground soft black pencil for eyes and draw it directly at the basis of eyelashes accurate line on upper eyelid from internal corner of eye to external, trying to repeat natural contour of eye as much as possible. Do not do the line too wide - better at first to draw narrow line, and then to shade it where it will be necessary according to the conceived image. The line from pencil up has to come to an end with small bend - such arrow does eye more open. If desired it is possible to paint over pencil and lower eyelid, but in it case you watch that the drawn line has not reached internal corner of eye - it is admissible only during creation of bright evening image.
  3. If you are owner of close put eyes, then begin to conduct the line of black pencil approximately from the middle of upper eyelid. Do not press pencil strongly - in your case the arrow has to be soft and not too expressed. On lower eyelid at close put eyes it is better to refuse carrying out the line.
  4. Conduct the line of pencil on all ciliary edge and slightly you remove it to temple if the nature has presented you with eyes of round shape - so your section eye will visually change on amygdaloid. At arrow prorisovyvaniye to temple know when to stop - it is not necessary to do it very long, otherwise it will look provocatively. The lower line in this case can be a little lowered.
  5. Do the line of pencil not too narrow and you carry out arrow on all edge of eyelashes if your eyes are widely put on face - such visible and dense line will visually allow to make them slightly less and will give to eyes special charm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team