How to marry the convinced bachelor

How to marry the convinced bachelor

Practically each convinced bachelor at heart dreams of the loving wife and a close-knit family. But prevent to achieve wishing to them fears, uncertainty or complexes. If to you the inveterate bachelor met, you do not hurry to dismiss him. For a start it is necessary to understand what their type he treats and as it is correct to build with it the relations.


1. Most often the frightened men become the convinced bachelors. Possibly, they in the past were thrown or humiliated by any woman. It served as the reason for that that such men are afraid of close relations, individuals of an opposite sex are afraid to believe and reveal. If your elect from this category of bachelors, then be ready to prove constantly to him that you not the girl from his past. Its assurance that you do not want to marry it has to become your task, also you should not impose it the tastes and the orders in his house and life. Become for it the close friend, the mistress, but do not forget about sense of tact and patience.

2. Mother's darlings are considered as the second type of bachelors. Usually their mom from whose guardianship it is very difficult for them to be exempted also is applied to them. And, even after the wedding she will constantly be near, trying to revenge you for separation from the son. To get to fall in love mother's darling, it is necessary, first of all, it will be pleasant to his mom. Therefore never criticize her, shower with compliments, especially, being in a circle of mutual friends. Besides, it is necessary to be credible it – it is possible to ask the recipe of great pie which she prepares, or council as it is correct to iron trousers of her beloved sonny.

3. There are also not acquired bachelors. They are able to look after, present beautifully flowers and gifts, but never get the serious relations. Most often such men at acquaintance say at once that they are not created for family life. You should not amuse yourself with vain hopes and to think that it only words. Properly think of what waits for you with it during lifetime – constant unfaithfulness, tears, offenses. But if you are sure of the desire to cast in the lot with such man, you should become unpredictable and different. A variety is the main thing, than it is possible to hold it, and, it has to concern all spheres of yours with it lives. Also it is not necessary to be jealous of him, let know better that it is finer to find you to it nobody.

4. A little strange, with the confused smile upon the face – the pupil botanist, too the bachelor on life quite so looks. However, the reason of absence of family in its case is a lack of time. It is completely plunged into study, science, and his house is more similar to library. It is necessary to understand that it will hardly be able to give you necessary amount of attention and caress, and in the apartment there will be eternal chaos. But if you want to win the similar man, it is necessary to secure with patience. Show it that you divide his hobbies and a way of life. Be engaged in reading or chess or find to yourself other interesting occupation. Also keep in mind that you constantly should adapt to it.

5. It is very heavy to decide to start a family to the superresponsible man. For him marriage without existence of powerful material resources is inconceivable. It will always have some purposes, at first housing, then the car, behind it giving. Therefore his belief that the most important material not always in life will become your paramount task. Dreaming to marry such person, you need to suggest to him an idea that it is necessary to legalize your relations unostentatiously. Try to invite him to yourself to a family holiday, show it that heat and a cosiness in the house not always depend on high material prosperity.

6. There are also very unlucky men, and, it is not lucky them always and in everything. The reasons of it can be concealed in his childhood, the last relations or he is simply not self-assured. To force it to fall in love with itself it is possible. For this purpose you need to believe sincerely in it and to convince him that he is a wonderful person who is worthy the best. Try to find his talents, emphasize them, you pay compliments, instill in it self-confidence, be engaged in its work, clothes, find new friends. And when good luck will smile to it, softly hint who helped it to reach it.

7. There is one more reason for which men become the convinced bachelors - it is aspiration to an ideal. Such man waits for the princess who at the same time will be great, clever, economic and seductive. If you suit under its ideal image, then adoration to you is provided, but otherwise do not wait for mercy. If you also aspire to it, then you will become excellent couple, it will be necessary to emphasize only constantly to it the advantages.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team