How to matt oily skin at make-up

How to matt oily skin at make-up

can look fat not really attractively because of the characteristic gloss appearing on it as a result of the strengthened work of sebaceous glands. Correctly imposed make-up and competent skin care will allow to get rid of this problem.

Care for oily skin of the person

Oily skin of the person requires special care. The characteristic gloss appearing on its surface as a result of misoperation of sebaceous glands can be disguised by means of decorative cosmetics. But in this case it will not be possible to achieve long-term effect. To matt skin it is necessary to begin already in the course of care for it.

Before starting imposing of make-up, it is necessary to wash, using at the same time the special gel intended for oily skin. Further it is necessary to wipe face with tonic or lotion.

Preference should be given to tonics which part the adsorbing microparticles are. They are capable to absorb surplus of skin fat that finally considerably increases period of time throughout which skin keeps dullness after washing and wiping by tonic. On sale are available as well special cosmetic wipes with adsorbents. Many cosmetic firms let out them for long years, and they are in invariable consumer demand.

Decorative cosmetics for oily skin of the person

Owners of oily skin have to select means of decorative cosmetics more carefully. It is possible to give to the face dullness by means of foundation for oily skin and powder which is capable to give to the face uniform opaque shade. When choosing tone or powder in shop, it is necessary to study attentively information specified by the producer on packing. There it has to be written that powder or foundation matt skin. The special microparticles capable to instantly absorb surplus of skin fat are their part. At the same time the greasy luster from face disappears and does not appear throughout rather long time again. The matting means of decorative cosmetics, as a rule, dry face a little. For this reason they should not use to owners of dry or normal skin. It is important to remember that unsuccessful matting can lead to the fact that skin will look dim, lifeless, deprived of healthy gloss. Drawing on cheekbones of small amount of blush with the most fine sparkling particles will help to correct situation. Instead of blush it is possible apply the highlighter highlighting skin from within on some parts of the face. Owners of the combined face type can apply the matting powder only on nose, forehead, chin. These sites differ in the strengthened work of sebaceous glands. From above it is possible to powder all face translucent powder with almost inaudible sateen gloss.

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