How to measure pressure at the child

How to measure pressure at the child

Measurement of arterial blood pressure is important and extremely necessary procedure not only for adults, but also for children. It is held by the doctor at violations of work of a cardiovascular, urinary, respiratory system and other indications. Children are also recommended to measure pressure and in the preventive purposes.


1. For determination of size of arterial blood pressure at children use special children's manzhetka. At the same time the result will depend on correctly picked up manzhetka, more precisely, than its width. So, for the newborn the necessary width of the internal camera of a manzhetka has to be 3 cm, for the baby – 5 cm, for children after a year – 8 cm, for teenagers and large kids – 10 cm. Use leads a manzhetok for adults to incorrect data.

2. Now for determination of pressure there are electronic tonometers. They are divided into automatic and semi-automatic devices of measurement. The first of them are capable to exaggerate air in a cuff by means of the built-in pomp, and the second – by means of pear (special supercharger). Rather often in house conditions mechanical tonometers are applied. The truth work with them demands a certain skill and preparation. The person who takes measurement has to have good hearing to have an opportunity precisely to catch sounds of warm tones.

3. It is better to measure pressure at the child since morning, right after awakening, or no later than 15 minutes after rest. Track that the hand of the child was in the weakened state and lay a palm up at the level of heart. Impose on a naked shoulder and fix a manzhetka 2 cm higher than an elbow bend so that between her and skin there could pass one finger. Find a humeral artery in area of a bend and, without pressing, apply to it a phonendoscope for definition of pulse.

4. By means of a cylinder pump up air in a manzhetka. At the same time fix the moment of disappearance of sounds of pulse blows. After that slowly begin to reduce pressure, gradually slightly opening the cylinder gate.

5. Further it is necessary to remember two figures on the manometer representing sizes of systolic pressure. The top pressure is shown by loud beating of the pulse. At further pressure drop the tones in a manzhetka gradually weaken and soon disappear absolutely. The moment of the termination of a pulsation corresponds to the indication of the lower pressure.

6. Ideally arterial blood pressure should be defined on both hands, it is triple at an interval of 3 minutes. As the end result serve the minimum indicators. Arterial blood pressure at children up to 2 years is recommended to be measured in a prone position.

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