How to measure the child's leg

How to measure the child's leg

To choose footwear for the kid, it is necessary to know the size of his leg with an accuracy of millimeter. It is necessary to lean in this case only on objective factors, otherwise the child budt to feel discomfort in incorrectly picked up footwear. It is possible to measure the child's leg in the simple and checked ways.


1. It is important to remember that measurement of a leg at the kid needs to be performed in a standing position, because of the fact that under body weight length increases. The procedure should be carried out in the evening, at this time the size of a leg is maximum thanks to rush of blood to the lower extremities. Before measurement put on socks the child's legs, it is necessary for the subsequent selection of footwear. Measure without fail both legs and subsequently be guided by big indicators of measurements. Round up results of measurement as differently there can be problems when choosing footwear.

2. Measure the child's leg by obtaining the drawing of a contour of foot. For this purpose establish a leg of the baby on the sheet of cardboard lying on a smooth surface and circle foot with a pencil. After that measure a contour from a heel to a sock and receive length of foot of the child. A certain length will correspond to the concrete size, and you will be able to pick up comfortable footwear without effort.

3. The most exact and informative way is measurement of a wet trace of the child. For this purpose previously wet feet of the kid then put a wet leg on a clean sheet of paper. As a result of this procedure you receive a foot print which it is possible to measure and obtain necessary data without effort. Besides the leg size this way informs parents on structure of foot of the child, its thickness and rise. It will help to pick up more precisely necessary footwear and also in time to prevent such disease as flat-footedness which at untimely treatment can have harmful impact on development of a backbone of the child.

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