How to measure the weight and growth of the child

How to measure the weight and growth of the child

Growth and the child's weight – genetically programmed processes which need to be controlled strictly at all stages of growing of the kid. Comparing these indicators of the different periods, it is possible to estimate correctness and harmony of physical development of the baby, to detect the latent pathologies or predisposition to them.

It is required to you

  • - electronic scales for newborns;
  • - bathroom electronic scales;
  • - centimetric tape;
  • - ruler;
  • - table;
  • - notebook;
  • - handle.


1. In the first year of life of the baby the parents visit monthly children's policlinic where the pediatrician surely takes weighing and measurement of growth of the baby. However many married couples seek to recheck the data received in policlinic to keep a situation under control.

2. It is possible to measure the weight of the kid in house conditions by means of special scales for newborns. They can be got in pharmacy or in specialized shop of children's goods. Scales for newborns are mechanical (such models practically went out of use) and electronic. The last have a convenient support in the form of a bowl on which it is necessary to put the baby or to put already grown up kid. Scales for newborns are usually used for measurement of mass of the child aged up to 2 years.

3. Before the procedure completely undress the kid to receive more reliable figures. Many electronic devices are supplied with function of storing of the received indicators that allows parents to see a difference in weight in comparison with the previous data. If there is no electronic memory on your scales, surely write down figures in a notebook or a notebook.

4. When special scales for newborns are not available, it is possible to use usual floor. For this purpose measure the exact weight of mom and remember its value. Then mom needs to take on hands of the kid and it will be weighed with him together. The turned-out difference in indicators will be the child's weight. Such way does not differ in special accuracy therefore for regular weighings it is better to get special children's scales.

5. For measurement of growth of the baby on a plain surface of a table put a usual centimetric tape, at the same time the mark "zero" has to be at a wall. Then place the kid on a table so that his head rested against a wall. Straighten legs of the child and carefully press them the left hand to a table surface. The right hand apply a ruler to feet of the baby (she has to lay down perpendicular to a tape). Determine growth of the kid by the place of contact of a ruler and centimetric tape. Write down data in a notebook.

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