How to meet the child from maternity hospital

How to meet the child from maternity hospital

From Soviet period there was a peculiar ritual of a meeting of mother and child of maternity hospital. And in modern conditions there were new opportunities to turn day of return of the wife home with the newborn into a holiday.


1. Consult to the child's mother concerning what she would like - a magnificent holiday or a fast and modest meeting. Psychological state of women after the delivery can differ, and to someone, perhaps, it will want to appear quicker houses alone with the husband and the child, and to put a meeting with relatives away for later.

2. Agree with any of friends with skills of photographing or invite the professional photographer. So you will have an opportunity to imprint the first days of life of the child and process of a meeting of maternity hospital.

3. Resolve an issue with transport. If you want to meet the wife with chic, order a limousine. It is convenient also that in it all will be able to take place and go home meeting. But it is possible to come also by the car. If desired it is possible and to decorate the car, the main thing is to observe a measure and a framework of good taste.

4. If the spouse loves balls, bring them with yourself. It is the best of all not to take away them to the apartment, and to release in air directly near maternity hospital.

5. Hand to the wife flowers. This simple gift will be a pleasant courtesy. Talk to relatives and solve who else wishes to bring a bouquet. If there will be too much flowers, life just can inconveniently transport them.

6. If you prepared for the spouse a gift, can hand it directly at discharge from maternity hospital. Especially it is convenient if a surprise small, for example, this jewel.

7. Think of courtesies for the doctor and nurses. It can be some memorable souvenirs, sweets. However such gift is appropriate if he really expresses gratitude. You are not obliged to give anything if you did not like the personnel relation and also did not arrange its level of professionalism.

8. Prepare the apartment for return of the wife. Tide up, fill the fridge with food which is easy to preparing, check whether there is all necessary for the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team