How to meet the newborn from maternity hospital

How to meet the newborn from maternity hospital

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Discharge from maternity hospital – the first holiday in lives of the kid, the whole event for family. It has to be remembered by everything though its main participant, most likely, will peacefully oversleep all celebration in a lacy blanket. All family can be engaged in preparation for a meeting of the newborn and young mom, but the main cargo falls usually on the father.


1. The most important that needs to be made – to clean up the apartment. It is not obligatory to wash it from a floor to a ceiling with use of strong household chemicals, but damp cleaning needs to be made. Do not arrange disinfection, it can damage to the kid. Prepare the apartment for appearance of the baby in it – buy and establish a bed if it was not made earlier, make room for a kidswear, toys and diapers. The bath, means for care for the kid, a first-aid kit, clothes, diapers and diapers – if did not take care of acquisition of all this before childbirth, now it is a high time to buy at least the most necessary initially. Small bottles and dummies can be got later, and here children's cream, soap, bed linen have to be ready by day of an extract.

2. Pack things which should be brought for mom and the kid to maternity hospital. If mom herself did not collect a package before departure there, contact her and specify what is required to it and what clothes she would like to put on in day of an extract – things for pregnant women to it will be rather big, but also it will hardly get into former favourite things at once. The kid will require an envelope and diapers or comfortable overalls slip, in cold season – a warm blanket.

3. Surely buy products at least on next few days, and it is even better – cook food, young mom and without household will have enough cares. Only think over the menu – the nursing mother usually cannot eat everything, and alcohol is excluded categorically. Refuse exotic and pick up something simple, but tasty.

4. Most likely, friends and the family will want to congratulate you this day, but remember that the meeting of the newborn is a holiday first of all for his parents. Especially as vanity around mom and the baby will not do them good. Of course, photo and video filming will not be superfluous, but young mom needs to be warned about it in advance – not always the woman leaving walls of maternity hospital looks as the supermodel, and it can hesitate of both the camera, and crowd of the meeting relatives. Meet mother and the kid at doors of maternity hospital by congratulations, balls, flowers, but at home it is better for it to spend the first evening with the newborn in a close family circle.

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