How to motivate the person to stop drinking and smoking

How to motivate the person to stop drinking and smoking

It is hard to get rid of addictions. Happens even more difficultly to motivate to refuse them someone from close people, considering that passive smoking, for example, harms not only to the smoker.

If the person has a dependence

If someone from your friends or family members is not moderate in alcohol or cigarettes, you, of course, can worry and wish for it that he cared for the health more. This desire can be especially strong if its addictions cause you troubles - force to inhale smoke, to tolerate inadequate drunk behavior or to undertake duties with which the person ceased to cope because of the dependence.

Unfortunately, nobody can force something to be changed in the life if only the person does not want it. And to refuse dependence, very strong incentive is necessary at all. Therefore if you expected to become for someone a savior, better at once refuse this invention.

Another matter if the person sincerely wants to stop drinking or smoking and asked you to support him in it. In this case you can make everything from you depending. For example, you can encourage the person and praise it per every day which is carried out without glass. And at the end of each such week encourage it and yourself - you descend somewhere, enjoy an exotic dinner, make something pleasant. When the person refuses habitual stimulators, at first he has withdrawal pains, let and small, and during this period it is important to it to get pleasant emotions and hormones of joy from other sources. If your efforts were crowned with success - perfectly. If the person promises to stop drinking from year to year, but begins everything on new, you can be powerless to him to help. In this case he should ask for the help the expert. By a time of the wife cannot leave the husbands having alcoholism out of pity or out of a debt. Though too it is necessary to care for himself and it is worth thinking and deciding whether it is time to leave the relations in which you play a role of the victim or unlucky savior. Maybe the threat of loss you at last will force the person to show will power and to take care of the own life if is not present - means, the situation is hopeless.

If you for a healthy lifestyle

Perhaps, your loved one is not dependent in a literal sense, he just periodically smokes or takes alcohol as the most part of the population. But you lead a healthy lifestyle and want him to follow your example. Here besides everything depends on desire of the person. If everything suits it and he does not understand why to it to refuse these benefits of a civilization, he will just look at you as on the annoying school teacher trying to moralize to it. The only thing that you can, it to tell in more detail about harm of cigarettes or alcohol and to hope that the person will like, or to leave him alone, and, perhaps, after a while he will want to follow your example. If you categorically do not take out alcohol and smoking for reasons of health or morals, and your loved one does not think evenings without bottle of beer and smokes two packs of cigarettes a day, maybe, you just too different people also will be happy near someone another. Happens that couple plans to bring the child, one of partners considers necessary several months prior to conception to refuse addictions, and another does not see in it sense. If it is your case, you, being one of the potential parents having the right to ask the partner to stop drinking and smoking. If he refuses, tell that then you stop trying to conceive the child and you postpone this purpose indefinitely. If health and family are important for the partner, most likely, he will make a compromise.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team