How to normalize a chair of the child

How to normalize a chair of the child

Frustration of a chair is a frequent problem at children of the first three years of life. A lock - the most widespread type of frustration. At the same time many parents do not know, the child suffers from a lock or its state is quite normal. As a result treatment (or, on the contrary, inaction) leads to complications.

It is required to you

  • Porridges, fermented milk products, vegetables, fruit, water, lemon, honey, set of exercises, laxative broths, bile-expelling teas


1. Change a diet of the child. It is necessary to exclude potatoes, farinaceous food, sweets from a diet. It is also best of all to remove meat food or to limit as much as possible.

2. You feed the child with porridges, vegetables, fruit. At the menu there have to be fermented milk products, dried fruits, bran, nuts.

3. In 30 minutes prior to the first breakfast give to the kid a glass of warm water with addition of juice of a lemon and honey. When the chair is normalized, honey can be removed, but water with a lemon should be drunk in the mornings constantly. Besides, the amount of water consumed in a day has to be increased.

4. It is possible to normalize at the child a chair by means of vegetable or castor oil. Pour a glass of milk, add one teaspoon of castor oil and let's drink to the kid. Oil has unpleasant taste, the child can feel it and refuse such medicine, then it is necessary to buy in pharmacy castor oil in capsules and to apply it according to the instruction on an insert. Well broths of laxative herbs, easy bile-expelling means in the form of tea help. The chair is diluted as a result of active release of bile.

5. If at the child the chronic lock is observed (a chair less than three times a week with incomplete depletion of intestines), parents have to take measures for increase in its physical activity. Healthy nutrition and feasible physical activities - a guarantee that soon locks will cease to torment the child.

6. Offer the child a set of exercises. As the lock problem at adults and children of advanced age is almost identical what you offer physical exercises, does not matter. At a lock stomach exercises, inclinations, the bridge, twisting are effective. It is useful to stick out and pull in a stomach. Besides, it is necessary to accustom the child to squat daily. Carrying out this exercise, knees should be pressed to the side surfaces of a stomach.

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