How to normalize the child's weight

How to normalize the child's weight

Many parents, and especially grandmothers, consider that the fatness of the child is an indicator of his health. Actually fatness not always an obesity synonym, for diagnosis children have certain norms. If the mass of the child for 20% exceeds average weight for a certain growth, then it already obesity.

In case of obesity the child has visible symptoms of obesity - it is folds on hands above an elbow and hips. The main reason of it is overfeeding. Excessive weight leads to easing of children's immunity, the child catches a cold more often, there is a risk of development of asthma, its cardiovascular system and joints suffers.

Causes of children's obesity


Consumption of a large number of products with the high content of calories which surplus is postponed in the form of fat deposits. Such food at all the caloric content badly sates, and through short time the child hungers again. The stomach begins to get used to large volumes of food.

Refusal of children of consumption useful, not always tasty products. As a result in a children's organism there is a deficiency of certain vitamins and elements, it leads to the constant feeling of hunger arising despite a large number of the consumed food. The inactive way of life is an important factor of development of children's obesity too.

Ways of normalization of weight of the child

. Disaccustom the child to eat food on the run, sitting in front of the TV or at the book, it leads to the fact that, having been fond, the child eats much more, than it is necessary for it. Exclude having a snack between meals, as a last resort, if difficult to refuse it, then offer the child fresh fruit. During a lunch impose to the kid smaller, than usually a portion, having increased the number of meals. Accustom the child to leave because of a table with small feeling of hunger. Limit consumption of harmful products such as chips, sausages, popcorn, salty peanut, chocolate bars, products of fast food and sparkling water. Also exclude from a children's diet products with high content of sugar - cakes, cookies, candies, etc. Minimize consumption of high-calorific products of sour cream, cream, butter, pasta, potatoes, dumplings, mayonnaise. Follow the rules of separate food, in one dish use the products which are well combined with each other, for example, cook meat or fish with vegetables and greens, but not with potatoes. Try to fill salads with vegetable oil. Do not forget that the saltless diet helps to lose weight in the shortest terms. Use the vegetables promoting burning of fat deposits of an organism is carrots, beet, cabbage. Enter into a diet more low-fat grades of meat, fish, a bird, fresh vegetables and fruit. Pay attention to physical activity. Write down the child in sports section or do sports all family. Ride bikes, skates or rollers. Walk in the fresh air more. Begin to visit the pool. Lead a healthy lifestyle all family, and you will never have problems with health and excess weight.

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