How to nurse and to recover

How to nurse and to recover

During pregnancy, as a rule, women gather extra kilos. It is explained by the hormonal changes happening in an organism of future mom and necessary for the child developing in a womb. Naturally and the fact that after the birth of the kid, mom wants to return to former forms quicker. How to control weight during feeding by a breast?


1. Right after the birth of the kid take care of that your diet was balanced. Try not to overeat, and at the same time to eat variously, having excluded from a diet fat, rich, sweet and fried. Remember that if you start yourself from first year after the delivery, it will be much more difficult to restore the got out of shape then. Extra kilos will constantly return therefore fight against excess weight can turn into eternal torture.

2. Do not try to go right after discharge from maternity hospital on a diet. Your organism needs now good nutrition since it endured a huge stress. For a start try to diversify the diet as far as it is possible for the nursing mother, using the most useful products, protein-rich, calcium and iron. Stop the choice on dairy products, fish, nuts, boiled meat, a bird. During bleedings after the delivery your organism lost a lot of iron. And when it is not enough, it is almost impossible to lose weight: thanks to iron in an organism enzyme which is responsible for combustion of fats is produced.

3. Know that breastfeeding helps to get rid of the kilograms gained during pregnancy. In a day you will be able to burn up to 500 calories, and yours the baby will be from it only the winner. Be not fond of consumption of a large number of fat dairy products. Your kid needs vitamins with which you enrich the milk when you choose healthy and healthy food, but not excess calories. Naturally hot drink stimulates a lactation (it can be even water). Drink plain water more often to promote more effective combustion of fat and also a loss of appetite.

4. Try to solve a problem of extra kilos, correctly distributing time which you spend on the kid and on yourself. Do not gorge on as soon as the baby falls asleep. There is nothing more harmfully, than is "for the future". Accustom themselves to eat together with the kid gradually, but it is frequent (4 — 5 times a day).

5. Enduring a depression during the postnatal period, refrain from desire to lighten the mood "something tasty". Choose healthy food, drink more vitamins, and a depression itself will leave your life. If to overcome desire is it is simply impossible, switch to apples, pears or fresh cucumbers.

6. Remember that physical activity is necessary for weight control. Take yourself for the rule to walk regularly with the kid, making long foot walks with a carriage. Fat is burned when your muscles work. The healthy lifestyle is a healthy nutrition together with the correct load distribution on all organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team