How to occupy children in a garden

How to occupy children in a garden

Most of parents drive the children in kindergarten with hope that there they will gain full development. Besides, in preschool institution the child learns to interact with other children, to live in collective. But how it is competent to tutor to organize time of stay of kids in a kindergarten that hopes of parents were equaled?.


1. Occupy children during the day with games. And optional they have to be mobile. By means of them it is possible to train children in reading, the account, ability to distinguish colors and to other useful skills. Only in the course of the game children of preschool age I acquire new knowledge and skills.

2. Use the colourful visual aid to attract of children interest in process of training in playful way. For example, you drew a bear, but without ears. Suggest children to finish the drawing. Ask them what is not enough at a bear. Ask children it to draw and to cut out from color paper, to paste. Then suggest to dream up, let children will complement the drawing applique with other elements: grass, sun, trees, bushes, birds. As a result has to the fascinating picture created by hands of kids will turn out.

3. Occupy children with walk in the fresh air. They not just have to run and shout, and spend time orderly under your management. During walk draw the attention of children to the environment surrounding them: on season, on trees, on weather, on color of foliage, etc. Thanks to these observations they can learn a lot of new and interesting.

4. Also during walk occupy children with outdoor games on age, their choice is unlimited. Besides, nabegavshis on the street, kids will be quieter. You will be able to read in a quiet situation them the book, to tell the fairy tale, to study with them the rhyme or the counting rhyme.

5. Find more time for a molding plasticine (test). These materials are nice on the touch, in hands of children turn into different figures. Probably, therefore children with great pleasure play with them.

6. Surely you hold competitions between children, having organized teams - it stimulates. For example, who will quicker stick together a hare; who will call words on letter A and to that similar more.

7. In spring and summer time it is possible to make a small garden or a kitchen garden on the site. It not only will accustom kids to work, but also will allow to learn a lot of new and interesting about vegetables, flowers, greens. They will learn to put them, to water, look after them. You have to remember that any theoretical knowledge is fixed in practice. And if the child still observes for these process, then it becomes for it fascinating occupation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team