How to occupy the child

How to occupy the child

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Sometimes there is huge desire to remain alone with itself, to drink coffee in a quiet situation, to experiment in cookery or just to read the interesting book. But if you have a kid of 2-3 years, then where you went, than were engaged, he will go for you.


1. Ask that the child brought you from other room some toy, for example, the blue machine or an engine. Until he is busy with performance of your request, you will have a little time. Then give it other task. And, than the child is more adult, tasks have to be that more difficult.

2. Think up to the child game tasks, for example, to repair the machine or to put puzzles.

3. Each mom has to have obligatory ""a magic sack"" in which it is possible to put all garbage: covers from bottles, the broken toys, a beads from buttons and other. Such ""treasure"" will occupy all attention of your child at least for about 20 minutes.

4. In the evening, watching the favourite telecast, it is possible to occupy itself with cutting pictures from packings from products, cards or booklets. This occupation favorably influences nervous system, and in the subsequent will help you to distract the child.

5. From time to time it is possible to remain alone, having delivered to the child the favourite animated film. Only it is impossible to abuse it.

6. Ask the child to help you, for example to carry something or to spread out in places.

7. Also you ask the child to be engaged in the same in what, for example, if you want to speak by phone, put him nearby and give an old tube.

8. Always be armed with such toy which the child very seldom plays.

9. Inflate balloons just so that the child was not able to burst them. Show to the child as it is possible to play with them. He will surely become interested.

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