How to occupy the two-year-old child

How to occupy the two-year-old child

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The two-year-old kid is an independent, active and restless being. He quickly moves in space, managing on the run to put a finger in the socket, to overturn a vase with the flowers and so on … He is already able to tell and express the desires. To occupy the child with useful games, to aim his irrepressible energy at the development of physical and mental abilities a task hard, but if to approach business creatively – quite feasible.


1. The child at the age of two years actively develops and every day something learns new. Occupy the kid on walk with joint games, in warm season at the playground or in a sandbox. Kids adore doing a Kulichiki, but are not always able to do it. Show it how to handle a mold for sand. You stick together together with it figures of animals and tell about them. Besides that the kid learns to create the hands, stories about animals contribute to his intellectual development. He will soon learn to recognize them and will tell you about them. In the winter together with the kid you build snowmen and other figures from snow, teach him to use a shovel – for example, to clear away the road to an entrance. Explain what it is necessary for, he has to understand that he the actions renders real advantage. At the child the stereotype will be formed what to help people – it is interesting and cheerful.

2. At home play with the kid the developing games. Read him books riddles in which contents there is a solution. Play a game – learn what is drawn. Build together with it a doll house or a garage of cubes, at more advanced age it with pleasure will do it independently. Attract it as the assistant when cleaning the apartment. Kids at this age with pleasure help mom to wash the floor or the dishes. Of course, what is necessary turns out not absolutely, but the main thing is to support desire to be independent and to bring benefit in the child.

3. If the kid does not go to a day nursery yet, he needs to be accustomed to communication with peers. Write down it in any circle in the children's center. For children of such age there are classes creativity and physical exercises. It with pleasure polazat on the Swedish wall, will play with a ball together with other children or will dance simple dances. Besides development of motility and other skills, in the children's centers the kids study collective communication. It is useful in the course of adaptation of the child in kindergarten subsequently.

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