How to open children's club

How to open children's club

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Once in the Soviet Union there was the whole system of children's clubs. Clubs on interests were in Palaces of pioneers and at schools. There were also domestic children's clubs where children came from the houses located nearby, were engaged in different interesting affairs, arranged concerts and performances. Now such clubs begin to revive. They are necessary first of all for children from not really wealthy families when parents cannot pay large sums for additional classes. In such club the child can not only spend non-study time, but also receive bases of future profession.


1. Think what club you would like to organize. Unlike a circle, the club can have several activities. For club on interests choose several similar directions. For example, it can be tourism, orientation and study of local lore. It is possible to open also technical club, with the different directions of technical creativity. In club at the place of residence of the directions can be more. By forces of club it is possible to organize sports competitions on the next platform, to organize domestic holidays, to create a fine art studio and workshops.

2. It will be best of all if you find adult adherents. Unaided in such business it is difficult to manage even if children with which you are going to be engaged are ready to help you about everything. With creation of domestic club you can be helped by neighbors. It is possible to try to ask for the help in the organization of technical club to the head of some large enterprise or design office and if you want to create tourist club — to you, most likely, with pleasure adult tourists and oriyentirovshchik will come to the rescue.

3. Try to get support of local administration. For this purpose write the program of club in which tell about in what types of activity you are going to be engaged with children and what tasks to solve. Support of administration will help to deal with a number of problems — for example, with tenancy. Depending on the direction of future activity address to departments of education, culture, youth policy. Let specialists of these departments know that the non-profit children's organizations are favorable to all.

4. For club at the place of residence try to find the room intended for work with the population. In many cities such rooms are. Find out whether is not present in nearby houses of the empty basements which are not technological. Also the attic can approach. Learn whether there is in your city a target program which task is to make school the center of life of all residential district. Existence of such program significantly simplifies your task. In this case just it is necessary to address to the nearest school. Explain to the director, than creation of such club is favorable to him. For example, if you create tourist club — that can organize campaigns not only for clubmen, but also for other pupils. You can make in the gym, for example, the rock climbing wall on which all will also train.

5. Cooperation with local governments can facilitate to you a task and with repair of the room. All rooms for classes with children have to meet certain standards of safety. If you manage to receive the room at school, institution of additional education or at the enterprise, heads of these institutions are responsible for these norms. Besides, the problem with repair is automatically solved. If you just received the basement or the attic, repaired it and began to be engaged — it is possible that after a while this room will be tried to be taken away from you.

6. Place the equipment. If provided you the room in any establishment and you share it with some other circle, get cases in which you will be able to put the equipment. In this case it is necessary to get it only during the classes.

7. Learn whether there are in your city grants work with children and youth. Receiving such grant will give the chance to rent the room, to buy the necessary equipment and so on. To receive such grant, it is necessary to write justification. The form is usually developed by that who gives these grants. But anyway it is necessary to formulate tasks of your club, to tell about primary activities and alleged participants.

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