How to open mini kindergarten

How to open mini kindergarten

Mini kindergartens of house type are a fine alternative to turns in municipal preschool institution. For many parents they became the real rescue of their career. Such kindergartens gain the increasing popularity.


1. Unfortunately, to open such children's website legally, it is necessary to satisfy a number of conditions, to have big rooms, to equip it according to sanitary standards and rules, to get permission of SES, fire protection, to approve the educational program and to certify each worker. On it the considerable quantity of means which are only possible for paying back is necessary if the cost of stay of the child in such kindergarten is not less than 700-800 dollars a month. Not each parent will agree to such sum, and the kindergarten will suffer losses again.

2. Many parents prefer to leave children with the nurse. However to employ the nurse to one child it is very expensive, another matter when the nurse works with group of children. And the mini kindergarten which is quite possible for organizing within the ordinary city apartment turns out. If you have a country cottage with the fenced territory for walks, it is even better.

3. In your kindergarten there have to be several equipped rooms. If to take on a minimum, then it is kitchen, a bathroom (and it is better two) with a shower, a small laundry where the bed linen both towels, and the spacious room which will serve both as game, and the bedroom, and the dining room will be washed.

4. If in your kindergarten the group of full day is provided, then you have to plan carefully the day regimen of kids including healthy nutrition and a dream. For a dream get folding or sliding beds which after a dream of hour can be hidden or removed at all. Change children's bed linen at least once a week. And folding tables and stools will be useful both for meals, and for classes.

5. Remember that children have to have more meals, than at adults. It is a breakfast, perhaps, small having a snack till a lunch, a lunch with obligatory soup, an afternoon snack, after a dream of hour and a dinner. Buy products for kindergarten only in the checked places, do not hesitate to ask sellers certificates of conformity to sanitary standards. Most likely you should employ the assistant for cooking as you will constantly have to watch children. Demand that the employee had a sanitary book and experience in child care facility.

6. You have to not only look for children during the day, but also comprehensively develop and train them. Get notebooks and handles, calculating sticks, plasticine for a molding, paints and albums. Do not forget also about physical education in which children usually with pleasure are engaged. With it you will be helped by balls, hoops and jump ropes.

7. The daily routine has to include walk. Attentively survey the territory near the house. It have to be safe for children. Look that was not near to the carriageway. At the playground there has to be an equipment for active holiday and sport in the fresh air. Then children will not get bored and will not go to look for other entertainments.

8. You can put small performances and conduct open lessons for parents. After all, them and the child everything has to suit. In advance stipulate with parents of a condition of inclusion in kindergarten. Demand the medical certificate confirming health of the child and the put inoculations. Agree on the training program and the menu. Stipulate the sum and terms of payment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team