How to organize a birthday for the child

How to organize a birthday for the child

Childhood memories most often consist of the brightest impressions. They for a long time remain in memory, causing warm feelings, filling with positive emotions. The birthday of the child organized by parents with an invention and love can become one of such events.


1. If you want a birthday of the son or daughter to take place cheerfully and interestingly, try to create houses feeling of a holiday. Prepare together with the child original invitations for guests. It is possible to use old cards, cuttings from magazines, having made of them a small collage, it is possible to print invitation cards, having placed on them photos of the birthday boy, and it is possible just to ornament them. In advance hand invitations to friends of the kid.

2. Before a birthday decorate the apartment: make it together with the child, or prepare for him a surprise. In this case you need to work on the eve of a holiday when the kid settles to sleep. Remember, than your child what stories and fairy tales it loves is fond. Draw or look on the Internet of the image of characters of the favourite animated film of the kid, unpack, paint with felt-tip pens and hang out on walls. Seat soft toys everywhere. Show imagination, having tried to make them similar to heroes of the favourite fairy tale of the child, having emphasized recognizable details by means of improvised accessories. For example, try to make Winnie-the-Pooh of a teddy bear, "having handed" it the honey pot made of cardboard.

3. Will be great if you are able also ware for a holiday to pick up with images of fantastic heroes. On sale there is a wide choice of multi-colored disposable glasses and plates now. For children such ware is safe, and it will be much easier for you to clear the table after the termination of a holiday.

4. Buy the balls filled with gel that they hung under the ceiling. Their quantity has to correspond to number of the invited friends. To the tapes going from spheres, attach on candy and a small envelope with notes. Each guest, having eaten candy, has to execute the cheerful wish specified in Fanta.

5. Prepare the place for active games, build the piracy ship or a lodge. It is possible to use a children's tent, having turned it into the fantastic lock. Arrange an obstacle course which has to lead kids to the treasures hidden in the lock - to cakes or candies. Let the carpet on a floor will become the sea, and it will be possible to make the way to the treasured purpose only on the islands which are spread out on it. Make them of paper, or build from the multi-colored pillows scattered on the surface of "water". Do not feel sorry for time for preparation of a holiday, then time will fly by cheerfully, your little guests will be satisfied, and to the birthday boy this birthday will be remembered for a long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team