How to organize a children's circle

How to organize a children's circle

Children's circles at home or in the leased room become more and more attractive alternative to kindergartens. It is rather simple to create the circle if you, of course, feel in yourself enough forces to be engaged not only the child.

Organization of a circle

For a start attend to search of future regular customers. It is worth looking for them among friendly families which well know you and want to go to your classes. After receiving two-three "clients", define time of classes of your circle. Usually similar actions for children of preschool age take place in an interval between ten in the morning and six evening. Agree about regular meetings in some day of the week, consider that if at the very beginning of activity of a circle of a meeting are suddenly cancelled, it will be very difficult to collect people again.

After the solution of basic organizing questions think over subject of a circle. If at you not really there is a lot of clients, it is possible to arrange a meeting with them and to discuss estimated subjects. It is necessary to prepare for such meetings very carefully not to look silly, having come empty-handed. Choose global, large subjects on which development several classes will be required. For example, if you are going to create a children's circle with the emphasis on drawing, offer studying color combinations, proportions, prospects. Similar global subjects will last for half a year-year of study. The main thing is their tax in the correct and available playful way if your circle is designed for preschool children.

Make classes interesting

Surely find in the Internet or buy specialized grants in which it is possible to find valuable information on training of children, interesting exercises and tasks. Be ready to devote to it much time. Similar useful information will make your circles more interesting to participants. It is possible to expand a circle by means of announcements which can be placed in the nearest kindergartens, libraries and schools. It is possible to place an advertisement on the Internet on specialized resources. To hold a circle together, to interest children and their parents, it is possible to find some external purpose — preparation for an exhibition, participation in a concert, a competition or a charity event. In advance think what can become such uniting factor. First "issues" help participants to rally all, strengthen their interest in activity of a circle. Over time, if your action makes success, it is worth thinking of rent of the special room for it. Studio, the gym, a school of dancing — all this can quite easily be found practically in any district of the city. In this case it is important to discuss all financial questions with parents of your pupils.

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