How to organize a children's game

How to organize a children's game

Everything is interesting to the child and therefore each trifle for him matters. Listen to the kid and wake own imagination. How to organize a children's game to spend time with benefit?

It is required to you

  • - watercolor paints
  • - transparent glasses
  • - brushes
  • - album sheets
  • - color thin paper
  • - dough for a molding


1. You remember in order that your kid correctly developed, it is necessary to provide him with the most various information. Therefore take great pain to maintain activity and inquisitiveness of the of the baby.

2. Hold the game "color water" with the tot. For this purpose in advance prepare brushes, watercolor paints and several transparent glasses. Fill them with water and place on a children's table. Then dip a brush in paint and lower in glass with water.

3. This game very much is pleasant to children, induces to active actions, and the child begins to choose independently color and to paint water. Show how it is possible to mix paints that colors turned out the most saturated, or dissolve serially several paints. For example, from yellow and red it is possible to receive orange, etc.

4. Present to the baby unforgettable feelings in the course of drawing by watercolor paints on a wet album leaf. For this purpose moisten a leaf with water and put on an oilcloth. Dip a brush into one of paints and accurately carry out according to paper. Continue to use different colors, be not afraid to mix paints.

5. Offer to the kid to play with paper. Show how it is possible to rumple and tear it into small pieces. In order that it was more convenient to the tot, use thin color paper and make on it cuts. Make appliques of the received pieces – muzzles, florets, the sun, etc. And with lumps of white paper it is possible to organize safely a game in snowballs.

6. Interest the child in a game with the test. Acquire in shops of children's toys the ready developing sets for creativity. Give to the child a piece of the soft warm test and show how it is possible to rumple, roll it from it balls Koloboks, to roll sausages and to do in it poles by fingers. For the organization of this game it is possible to use also usual home-made dough and to paint it by means of food paints.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team