How to organize a desktop for the school student

How to organize a desktop for the school student

It is very important to prepare the child for school. Backpacks and notebooks, a beautiful form and textbooks usually are chosen in advance, without vanity. The main trouble upon a thicket is brought by the organization of a workplace of the school student. It is necessary to try to provide the most comfortable conditions for work that the pupil with pleasure prepared homeworks.

It is required to you

  • plan of the room, roulette, glass, paper, handle, school supplies, table


1. When choosing a desktop first of all pay attention to its quality. It has to be steady and rather strong, behind it the child will not only master the letter, but also to draw, mold, even to play. Table height to a floor has to correspond to growth of the school student. For example, with a height of child of 120 cm height of a working surface should not exceed 58-60 cm. It is better to look for a table with adjustable height at once in the future not to spend excess means.

2. Choose the correct location of a desktop. For the greatest convenience the source of lighting has to be to the left of the school student. It is better to equip a workplace with a separate desk lamp for work in the evening. Besides on a table there has to be a support for storage of handles, pencils and other office supplies. But at the same time do not litter a working surface with excess objects. Let spare buttons and paper clips be stored in a separate box.

3. Accustom the child to an order from the first days of study. Define the place for notebooks, textbooks and creative accessories, such as plasticine or albums. It is better if they are to the right of the school student accurate piles. If the size of a table-top does not allow to hold everything on a surface, hide unnecessary in a special box or a drawer. Very conveniently on such boxes to make marks with the description of their contents. As material the strip of a bilateral adhesive tape or color stickers with the space for records can serve.

4. It is very good to put on a desktop the sheet of transparent glass under which it is convenient to store notes, the theatrical tickets lovely to heart of the school student of a card. Also under glass it is possible to put the schedule of day of the child which will accustom him to responsibility and discipline. Besides it is convenient to wipe the table organized thus from dust or the spilled paints that will allow to acquaint the school student with purity of his workplace.

5. Try not to give in to arrangements of the child and do not buy multi-colored tables with popular heroes of animated films. Explain to the kid that it first of all a workplace where nothing has to distract from process. Cheerful stationery and notebooks, a small plant in a pot near a table or over it can diversify and recover a table. Also try to divide a workplace of the child and a computer table. Otherwise homework will inevitably pale into insignificance.

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