How to organize a holiday for the teenager

How to organize a holiday for the teenager

Parents often do not know how to organize a holiday to the child who reached teenage age as it is not simple to please the grown-up child extremely. The main difficulties arise with the choice of the scenario as children at such age wish to organize the holiday "in an adult way".

If you decided to organize a celebration to the teenager, first of all you should realize that your child grew up and already wants to be the adult. Therefore clowns and competitions on a children's harmony in this case will not approach.

The main components of a holiday for teenagers

The structure of a children's cultural action considerably differs from the program of carrying out an adult holiday. And their main difference is that children do not take alcohol and instead of long conversations at a table prefer the movement.

Each children's holiday consists of "three tables": the first - snack and glasses with juice, the second - hot dishes and the third - a dessert. All rest of the time of a holiday teenagers prefer to have a good time. In a type of it it is necessary to think and prepare in advance a number of entertainments and games, and it is not obligatory that all games were controlled by adults, give to children more independence. It is possible to organize safe entertainments in the form of a game in darts on a velcro or to organize sports entertainments, for example, table hockey or soccer. It is desirable that it was more similar entertainments, then children should not think out other, more noisy, and at times and dangerous games. If the grandiose holiday (meeting of New year or the Birthday) is necessary, it is worth ordering or getting festive fireworks. This type of entertainment, likewise as well as dances, gives the chance to splash out emotions. At the end of a holiday it is necessary to plan a disco as at this time children are already quite quiet. But consider the moment that not all children decide to dance therefore it is necessary to plan games in dancing style that children were involved in a game. Also you remember, teenagers are not small children therefore from time to time leave their some.

The choice of the leader and subject during the holiday for teenagers

When choosing the leader it is necessary to consider that it is simpler to children to communicate and open to the stranger, than someone from parents. Teenagers extremely like thematic parties. But in this question it is necessary to be provident as not each subject will approach. Many boys and girls aged up to 12 years like the stylized piracy holidays. Boys of more senior age group prefer sports or military subject. Girls love fancy-dress actions, for example, it is possible to organize a celebration of princesses for girls at the age of 10-12 years. Girls are slightly more senior prefer to spend holidays on the basis of popular movies, for example, magic parties (according to the movie "Harry Potter") or parties in style of vampires (according to the movie "Twilight"). If at the forthcoming holiday there are children of both sexes, choose the subject interesting by all. Many use a sport subject: a holiday in bowling, the mini-Olympic Games or a football party. Besides, recently at the organization of a holiday for teenagers began to use subjects of popular film works, for example, of "Avatars". For the organization of this holiday it is possible to use a face painting and to connect entertainments and games with this movie. Just divide children into two teams: "Avatar" and "Military". Also organize team games. Remember that the holiday has to bear not only entertaining function, but also educational. If you decided to spend a subject holiday, the good has to overcome the evil.

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