How to organize a travel with the child

How to organize a travel with the child

Many people cease to travel as soon as in their family children are born. Others on the contrary, do not see absolutely any obstacles in taking the child in a trip. Presently on planes it is possible to see even chest babies whose parents take them in a travel.

To decide at what age to take the child in a travel, each parent independently has to. The main thing that needs to be known is as it is correct to prepare the kid for a trip. In order that it was simpler to child to transfer the road to other country, it is necessary to pay attention to training of the child and to think over everything to trifles. The following factors are considered:

1.     If vaccination was done to the child recently or he suffered before a trip some injuries, not very well psychological or physical, or a serious disease, surely consult with the pediatrician. Before visit of other country the immunity of the child has to be rather well strengthened.

2.     If to the child up to 3 years, then month is the minimum term for which it is possible to go to have a rest to other country. As 10 days the child will spend for acclimatization, and the rest of the time it will be possible to enjoy rest.

3.     During the travel the child can demand a breast again even if he already refused it. Sometimes he should put on diapers again even if before you already accustomed him to a pot. Parents have to be ready to it.

4.     At the emotional level children and parents have big communication. If parents worry, worry, then it is transferred to the kid. Therefore keep calm. Take favourite things of the child in the road - it can be books, dummies, toys. It will help the child to cope with change of a situation.

5.     Also take replaceable clothes, diapers, diapers, wet towel wipes, water for the child and baby food. Prepare for the child easy having a snack in the form of steering-wheels or cookies.

6.     In advance think of games with the child as the trip can long continue and the child will need to be borrowed with something.

Actually to go to a travel with the small child not so terribly as change of a situation is interesting to both children and parents and it is interesting to look at something new. It will be especially pleasant to travel if all of you planned in advance and considered all trifles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team