How to organize a workplace of the first grader

How to organize a workplace of the first grader

Day when the child the first time goes to school, is one of the most significant moments in his life. From this point the daily routine cardinally changes, and arrangement of a workplace is a necessary component in the context of this event. How this workplace will be organized, not only the progress in study, and and the state of health of the child directly depends.


1. Ideal option, naturally, if the child has a separate room. In this case the space should be divided into zones: game zone, working area and zone of a dream. The window seat best of all is suitable for the working area. That the child in operating time was not distracted by the events happening on the street, the table needs to be put on the right. Walls around a workplace need to be issued in quiet neutral tones, bright motley accents will constantly distract attention of the pupil. In an interior of the working area there should not be nothing superfluous, only all necessary for study. Except a table and a chair the bookstack, a hinged locker or the shelf are necessary. You should not have hinged furniture directly over a table - it will create feeling of discomfort. On this wall it is better to equip a student organizer in the form of a pith board and several pockets from fabric of a soft shade for any school trifles. And such distracting factors as favourite toys, the computer and the TV, have to be far outside the working area. If in the room there is no other place for the computer, then it is worth buying an angular table and to arrange the monitor aside, but not on a working surface.

2. What to do when the apartment small and is not present the nursery? In this case in the general room it is necessary to allocate the place for a working corner where the child could retire. It is possible to create the comfortable closed space by means of various sliding partitions, racks, and even a case. In this situation the main thing to provide for the child silence and tranquility in operating time.

3. The necessary set consists of a student table, a convenient chair and any place for textbooks and notebooks (drawers, racks, regiments, lockers). Future school student surely has to take part in the choice of furniture for the working corner. It is possible to buy safely a table and a stool for the child if: the back conveniently leans on a chair back; the legs bent at an angle do not hang, and stand on a floor; the size of a working surface of a table within 60-80 cm (depth), and 120-160 cm (width); arrangement of a working surface of a table at the level of the child's breast. The table surface, is located under an inclination, will be additional convenience to the pupil's bearing.

4. It is very important to think over correctly lighting of the working area for work in the evening. Naturally, on a working surface there has to be a desk lamp at the left, but only as an additional, but not the only light source! It is necessary to think over the combined lighting of the room, without sharp differences which promote deterioration in sight. Light from a desk lamp has to be scattered evenly on a working surface of a table and not get to the child directly into eyes at all. The competent organization of working space for future school student will become guarantee of its successful training and will allow to avoid the serious problems arising in educational process.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team