How to organize home kindergarten

How to organize home kindergarten

Presently in connection with the shortage of places the quantity of house gardens constantly grows in municipal kindergartens. And many parents for the kids choose this option also because the quality of the provided services in such institutions is much higher.


1. Activity of home kindergarten, unlike private, is not subject to licensing, so, problems with its organization are not enough. First of all you need to register as the individual entrepreneur, having chosen such type of activity as "The preschool education (preceding the primary general education)".

2. Further it is necessary to find the suitable room. The home kindergarten, as a rule, will be organized on the first floor of a multy-storey house in the apartment consisting their three and more rooms. The smaller number of rooms is simply inexpedient to use under a garden. The number of the children staying in it to cover all available expenses, has to be not less than 12-15, and in the conditions of the small area it is impossible.

3. Problems at the organization of home kindergarten can arise with neighbors. Therefore it is necessary to stipulate with them this question in advance, to learn their opinion on this occasion. Sometimes it is necessary to solve a problem with citizens dissatisfied with such neighbourhood in court.

4. Of course, during creation of a house garden to be necessary for you many money to get all necessary. For the organization of a garden you will need several sets of tableware for children and tutors, the pots and other personal hygiene means, materials for creative work, books, toys developing grants. The most expensive article is the equipment. You will need to get stools and tables for classes and feedings, lockers for clothes, benches for clothing, racks and regiments for toys and books and also to equip berths.

5. As soon as you have all necessary, it is possible to look for persons interested. Usually there are no problems. Parents who will want to entrust you the child perhaps, will be even much. It is necessary to sign the contract with them if of course, you organize kindergarten not for kids of friends and good acquaintances. It is necessary to include the most important aspects of activity of a garden in the contract: operating mode, food, organization of walks, payment procedure.

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