How to organize individual training of the school student

How to organize individual training of the school student

The first academic year in the child's life usually is expected with pleasure and him, and his parents. However not at all children the period of adaptation to school passes smoothly. Besides, it can beat off desire of the school student to study at all. In such situation the parents often think of how to them to organize individual training of the child.

It is required to you

  • - statement addressed to the principal;
  • - medical reference survey;
  • - schedule of training of the child;
  • - study guides;
  • - computer.


1. If you want to transfer the child to full individual training without visit of school by it, first of all, learn whether the educational institution has a right to transfer children to similar form of education at the request of parents. If establishment has such opportunities, write the corresponding application addressed to the director. The form for drawing up the document to you will be provided by administration of school.

2. Receive the medical certificate about the state of health of your child. The psychology and pedagogical consultation will reveal educational opportunities and needs of the school student, having analyzed his psychological and physical state at the moment.

3. Agree with administration and teachers of school on the schedule of training of your child at home. If besides obligatory hours you want to add additional lessons of any objects to an academic load, they should be paid independently.

4. In case of need the organizations of additional individual training of the child besides school, employ for it the tutor or act in this role independently. For this purpose it is possible to take in library or to buy in shop of a method management of teaching the main objects in an initial link. Make the schedule of your house lessons with the child, equip a convenient workplace, take care of that at this time nobody disturbed you. Do not forget about test and independent works, do not indulge laziness of the child, give him deserved marks. Adhere to the principles of systematicity and the sequence, individual approach and scientific character at the organization of the additional individual classes.

5. Use various computer programs assistants for the organization of individual training of your child. The modern range of the shops and libraries representing similar disks is rather various and you will be able to find practically any material interesting you. Similar tutorials are very convenient that to the explanation which is written down on a disk it is possible to return at any time and uncountable number of times.

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