How to organize leisure of the school student

How to organize leisure of the school student

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Study is quite hard and tiresome work. Therefore parents need to approach the organization of leisure of their favourite school student seriously. The child has to have a rest not just physically and also interestingly and with benefit to spend a free time.


1. In advance buy theater tickets or on circus representation. You go all family to a premiere of the new movie, and after viewing share with each other impressions.

2. You take on the weekend the child in children's entertaining the center or in a dolphinarium. If in your city there is an aquapark, then you were just lucky, children adore water entertainments.

3. If on the street good weather - go to walk. Skate on roller-skaters or hire bicycles. In warm autumn day go to the country on a picnic or it is possible to try the luck in "silent hunting", collecting mushrooms and natural materials for future hand-made articles very much will be pleasant to children.

4. Develop a route and go to the neighboring city on an excursion or just walk on unfamiliar small streets. Give to the child the camera, let it fix events of your day.

5. You go to a sports match, such pastime is especially relevant if your school student is an admirer of sport. Come on a skating rink, several hours of driving on ice will provide you a charge of cheerfulness and excellent mood for a long time.

6. Write down the child in some circle, previously having found out its interests and having consulted to it. Well if it will be several such circles, one sports, and the second, developing creative abilities of the child.

7. If on the street it is cold also a rain, spend day at home. Only do not allow the child to sit the whole day in front of the TV or at the computer. Think up joint occupation, make together a dinner, be engaged in creativity, esteem on roles or organize a family tournament on board games. Think up prizes for winners and cheerful tasks for losers.

8. Show a little imagination and organize interesting, useful and eventful leisure which will be pleasant not only to your school student, but also all family.

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