How to organize storage of toys

How to organize storage of toys

Accumulation of toys and their subsequent storage becomes a frequent problem of parents. The child scatters the things on the house, and the apartment gradually turns into shop of children's toys.

The first and basic rule of the organization of storage of toys is acquisition of suitable furniture. Best of all for this purpose racks will approach. Depending on age of the child width of shelves of a rack is chosen. Than the child is more senior, you can already choose regiments by that. It is defined by the fact that the kid will quietly behave and will not begin to overturn contents on a floor. For children is younger it is necessary to choose wide racks. Things in such racks are stored in special organizers.

The more organizers you will provide to the child, the chance that toys will not be lost in apartment open spaces is more. It will be interesting to child to open and close different boxes. Together with the kid you can independently decorate boxes for storage.

Special attention should be paid to contents of organizers. Try to accustom the child since early years to the fact that toys have to correspond each other on subject: a children's ware - in one place, set of the doctor - in another. In a game try to use one set of things, so the child differentiates objects quicker.

Place a part of toys which any more are not used by the child in the inaccessible place (folding sofa, the top regiments of a case). Children from 3 to 4 years seek to elicit all toys which are in the house at parents, at the same time they actually do not want to play it. Allocate couple of toys which he very strongly values for the child. Always you hold them nearby. Teach the child to the fact that the toy demands careful attitude. The poem about a bear to which tore off a paw will be just during a time. When the child appreciates the things, his relation to their storage will change for the better at once. Create a special game zone in the apartment. Decorate it together with the child. Exactly there can be a rack with organizers and also various forms of storage of toys: chests, fabric suspensions, caskets, grids. boxes, buckets.

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