How to organize the first bathing of the newborn house

How to organize the first bathing of the newborn house

The first bathing of the kid causes many alarms in parents: they are afraid of infection, a fright of the kid, the inexperience. You should not worry on bathing – kids very much love this procedure and always enjoy water.

It is important to organize the first bathing of the kid competently. It can be seen off right after discharge from maternity hospital or next day, depending on when vaccination was done to the child against tuberculosis. The doctor in maternity hospital has to warn young mom when it is better to begin bathings. Many parents are afraid that during bathing they can damage an umbilical wound or bring in it infection. It does not happen if seriously to treat bathing of the kid and to strictly follow all instructions.

How to prepare all necessary

It is the best of all to postpone time of bathing of the kid to evening and to see him to feeding. In the next days it will be necessary to adhere to the chosen time of bathing and feeding, then at the kid the habit will be developed, and he will begin to associate bathing with the subsequent feeding and a dream therefore it will become easier to calm down and quicker to fill up.

It is necessary to prepare in advance all things which will be necessary for you during bathing and after it and also to invite for the help of the second person – the grandmother or dad of the kid. At first the child is not able to hold a head therefore in the bathroom one person should hold him with two hands, and to the second to wash or water. For a start prepare a bathtub and boil water. Until at the child the umbilical wound heals – it lasts from 14 to 22 days. It will be necessary to wash him only in cleaned, but not tap water. Pour hot water in a bathtub and let's it cool down up to 37-38 degrees, at this time prepare a towel and clothes: diapers – warm and thin, baby's undershirts – too warm and thin, a cap and a diaper. Together with it it is necessary to have near at hand baby oil or powder for a leather processing of the kid, a Q-tip, brilliant green and peroxide of hydrogen for disinfection of a wound.

How to expiate and dry up the child

In the bathroom at this time water already has to cool down up to the necessary temperature. Bring a jug with the same clear water there and add several drops of potassium permanganate to a bath. Undress the child and lower him in water. Waters in a children's bath has to be not so much – there will be quite enough about 15 cm. Carefully hold the child for the head, a body, buttocks and legs, quietly ship it in water and let's get used to temperature. The head of the child should not be hung deeply in water, but there is nothing terrible in if you wet an umbilical wound. Then carefully give a good scolding, hands, legs and a body of the kid children's soap, turn it on a tummy and soap a back. Then water from a jug wash a back and a stomach of the kid. When there is no soap left on a body any more, pull out the child from a bath, turn in a towel and carry away to the room. The first bathing should not more than 2-3 minutes last, and later it is possible to carry out procedures and 10-15 minutes, but to watch that water did not cool down. On a changing table or a sofa carefully wipe the child and let's it dry a little more without clothes. Carefully and carefully blot all folds on a body of the kid. It is very important that in them there was no moisture. Cotton wool or a Q-tip process all folds oil or powder. Then disinfect an umbilical wound, having dripped in it a little peroxide of hydrogen and brilliant green. Wait until means dry, and dress the kid. Put on a thin baby's undershirt back to front, and dense – as usual. Then turn of a diaper and cap. And later wrap the child in a thin and thick diaper. Now it is a high time to feed got tired the baby.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team