How to ornament the faces of children

How to ornament the faces of children

Painting in style of favourite heroes of comics or amusing muzzles of animals of the person on carnivals, children's holidays and a simple sit-round gathering - a great way to amuse kids and to show sharpness the adult. Main here – even not ability to draw, and desire, and, certainly, your imagination. And the rest - a trick.

It is required to you

  • For paint preparation it is required to you:
  • 1/2 teaspoons of water
  • 1/2 teaspoons of corn starch
  • 1/2 teaspoons of dense cream for softening of skin which consists of almond oil, spermaceti, wax,
  • Food colorings


1. So, for a start we will talk about paint: certainly, in this case not any paint which is on sale in office supply stores will approach, it is about children and such vulnerable part of a body as the person where very gentle skin. Therefore it is possible to buy special paint in children's shop or to prepare it independently.

2. Process of preparation is simple: it is necessary to mix cream with starch to homogeneous mass and to add water then it is necessary to add food coloring. By the way, do not forget, your palette has to contain not less than four – eight flowers, have to be present white, black, yellow, red and blue as by means of these primary colors it is possible to receive any other.

3. Now we will talk about tools. In order that the masterpiece on a children's face turned out, brushes of different thickness and length, at least four, and cotton pads will be necessary for you, by means of the last you will be able to paint evenly extensive area, for example, of a cheek. By the way, it is the best of all to use a separate cotton pad for every color of paint, it will help not only to save time, but also nerves of the artist and furthermore to hold the fidget on one place.

4. It is especially important to allow each paint layer to dry that colors did not mix up therefore try that each layer was the thinnest. And for receiving more saturated shade it is rather simple to apply several paint layers, previously having allowed to dry out each previous. Surely stock up with wet children's towel wipes. With their help it will be possible not only to correct ""mistakes"", but also to erase paint after the holiday is ended. Especially as cotton pads can be handed also to the child, thereby having involved him in creativity process. But, what would be painting cheerful, nevertheless, it is recommended to paint faces to people with sensitive skin, to allergic persons and children 3 years are younger. Also, you should not put paint on a face in the presence on skin of a scratch and graze or if the child has any skin disease.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team