How to overcome shyness at children

How to overcome shyness at children

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The shyness (shyness or shyness) is the condition of children's mentality which is characterized by constraint, indecision, tension and diffidence. Similar states are most often observed at children at the age of 4-6 years as the short-term phenomenon.


1. Can serve as the main reasons for manifestation of similar states uncertainty of the kid in themselves. Because of similar feeling the kid feels uncertainly in presence of strangers, sometimes even testing panic attacks. Also the shortcoming or in general lack of skills of human relationship can be the cause of shyness at children. In this case kids try to hide the fear and discomfort behind free, excessively active and energetic behavior.

2. In the main way, both fight, and prevention of shyness and shyness at children the formation at the child of self-confidence is. Creation of the favorable atmosphere in the house, the feeling of care and heat will also help the kid to be afraid of the outside world not so.

3. In the best way for strengthening of self-reliance and the forces is a performance of difficult tasks. Difficult, but feasible. Help the child to pass all tests and to reach the end. Do not abuse it for the made mistakes, on the contrary, install to it a thought that everything cannot correctly be made and that all are mistaken.

4. Never abuse it for personal qualities and furthermore do not discuss at the child with surrounding his offenses and oversights, do not deride his weaknesses. On the contrary, find strong in the kid I will shift and help it to develop it that she received approving assessment from outer side.

5. The adequate self-assessment and feeling of own importance also will never allow the child to become shy. The underestimated self-assessment, feeling of own insignificance and shyness are closely connected among themselves and mutually supplement each other. Children with a low self-assessment are most of all subject to criticism and very long endure it in themselves, and to the child has to be comfortable alone with itself.

6. Development of active living position in children will secure all of them manifestations of shyness and shyness. The inaction generates shyness. It is necessary to try to change behavior model at the child, but not his personality and character. Try to fence off him from various alarms and stresses: clothes and a hairstyle of the kid should not be a reason for sneers. However try to avoid social isolation: let the child have access to information that it could support any conversation.

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