How to pack things necessary to the child in kindergarten

How to pack things necessary to the child in kindergarten

In advance prepare clothes in kindergarten. Replaceable things are necessary not only to kids. Even if the child copes with a toilet long ago and independently, it can splash clothes when washing hands or have a shower bath compote during the lunchtime.

It is required to you

  • Replaceable clothes, replaceable footwear, favourite toys, hairbrush, wet towel wipes.


1. Put spare shorts, an undershirt, tights, a skirt or shorts, socks and a jacket in a separate package. Do not forget to sign all things. Not to spoil their appearance, make an inscription on a label. So things will not be lost, and it will be simpler to tutors to orient at disguise.

2. As replaceable footwear sandals with a rigid heel best of all will approach. Remember that in this footwear the kid will spend much time. Therefore it has to be by the size, convenient, from the breathing materials. Give preference to boots on a velcro, their child will be able independently to clasp without effort. Footwear with a small heel, a heel or in general without back is inadmissible. At frequent carrying the foot is deformed that can lead to flat-footedness in the future.

3. Suggest the kid to take a favourite toy. It is good if it will be several of them. Familiar house objects give to the child feeling of safety. Several brought games induce it to share with new friends, to communicate, learn to interact with peers and adults in new collective.

4. Prepare a hairbrush and if to a garden there is a little princess, beautiful elastics for hair. Hairpins and elastic bands are often lost therefore do not buy too expensive. Also put wet towel wipes in a locker. They will be necessary in case the child badly is able to wipe a bottom. Napkins delete pollution much better, than toilet paper.

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