How to pass to new mix

How to pass to new mix

Conversion of the child to new dairy mix has to be systematically and is competently built by mom of the kid. Besides this step has to be reasonable as it is a considerable stress for the child's organism.


1. Frequent change of mix extremely not well affects health of the kid and therefore it is worth approaching the initial choice of mix with special care and only after consultation with the pediatrician. In case need of change of mix (according to the recommendation of the doctor) nevertheless came, this transition should be organized gradually, watching health of the child carefully.

2. At the first introduction of new mix the kid can react to it with sharp deterioration in health. You should not be frightened, for the first 2-3 days it is quite normal and explainable reaction. But here if the condition of the baby after 3 days is not normalized – it means that the kid has an immunity to the mix chosen by you and she to it categorically does not resemble.

3. Habitual food of the baby cannot be replaced with new mix at once and in full. On gradual replacement of mix you need about a week. At the same time, during the whole time it is extremely important to observe a diet. In case you also nurse the kid, transition to new mix can take much less time, about 3-4 days.

4. The first two days it is necessary to mix old and new mix in the following proportions: 3 parts of old mix and 1 part of new. For the third and fourth day the share of new mix needs to be increased, and old – to reduce. So, the kid during this period needs to be fed, mixing 2 parts old and 2 parts of new mix. For feeding for the 5 and 6 day it will be necessary to prepare for the kid mix from 1 part of old mix and 3 parts new. For the seventh day and in the next days you can safely feed the child with new mix.

5. Consider that the proportions stated above are only suitable for feeding of the child in case the kid normally transfers mix. If you noticed any negative reactions – immediately address the pediatrician.

6. You should not combine the period of change of mix of the kid, with any others the stressful period in life of the baby. So, for example, moving or a disease of the kid after which his organism is weakened are serious contraindications to introduction of new mix.

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