How to persuade the child to go to a garden

How to persuade the child to go to a garden

Tears, hysterics and stamping by legs become accompaniment, habitual for you, in the mornings? Really, when the child does not want to go to a garden, to persuade him is difficult, and the mood since the morning is spoiled both at the kid, and at parents. Sometimes mom is also glad to leave the child at home as he about that asks, but she just has no such opportunity – to sit with him there is nobody. So, the situation needs to be solved somehow.


1. If the child never went earlier to a garden, and now its first day without mom is necessary to it, then in this case you should begin to train him for this campaign in advance. If you just present the child with a fait accompli that on Monday he will go to kindergarten, you can simply frighten him: he did not get used to be one among strangers. In advance begin to tell him about how in kindergarten it is healthy. Tell that there are many toys, children who will be on friendly terms with it, kind tutors who will play with them. Then you awaken interest in this new place in the child, and he will ask rather for kindergarten.

2. If the child already any time attends kindergarten, but now suddenly begins to protest, then look for the reason for such behavior – just like that the behavior of the child never changes. Perhaps, the kid has a conflict with children in a garden – can be, someone teases it or offends. And it is possible, something not so with the tutor. For example, she is excessively strict. Carefully take an interest at the child whether everything is good at him in a garden, ask to tell you, if something is wrong. Unlike school students who often do not want parents to interfere with the solution of their problems the kids wait from mom of protection and support. But too do not want to pass for the informer therefore do not compromise the child. If you learn that the child is offended by children, do not run immediately to call their parents. Talk to the child, explain to him as it is possible to get out of any given situation. Talk to the tutor: to see, stop and solve conflict situations between children – its direct duty.

3. Perhaps, put at all and not in the garden, and that your child does not get enough sleep and badly feels. If the kid plays late, and then gets up early, he goes to a garden without mood and with tears. Force it to lay down for one or two hours earlier. Watch food of the child in kindergarten, and you monitor its improvement: ask the pediatrician that he advised a good vitamin complex, the shortage of vitamins influences too mood and desire to get up in the morning.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team