How to persuade the child to treat teeth

How to persuade the child to treat teeth

The most bad dream for many is the campaign to the stomatologist. Many adults postpone a visit until the last and what to speak about children who are afraid of all people in white dressing gowns. Parents should resort to small cunning.


1. Success of this action depends also on how you treat campaigns to the stomatologist. If the child already heard more than once from you horror stories about dental care, even told not it personally, and flashed in a conversation, then he perfectly acquired that this procedure not from pleasant. Therefore at the child do not carry on a paramedical talk, it is not known yet how many times and to what doctor it is necessary to conduct him.

2. For a start find clinic or the doctor which specialize in little patients. In such clinics there has to be a special tool, medicines which can be given to children. The personnel have experience with children and consider all nuances of treatment and communication with them.

3. The child to the stomatologist should be prepared for a campaign in advance. Do not do of a secret visit, otherwise it can end with a hysterics and refusal of the child even to sit down in a chair to the doctor. Tell the child that such number he will go to treat to the doctor teeth. That it is necessary to make it for such and such reason. But especially in medical terms be not aggravated. Also you do not say what with the child will be done. The kid can be frightened, having told, for example, that tooth will be extracted. Tell better that the doctor will just look at his teeth and will decide what to do. It is possible to explain for what it is necessary to look after teeth and what can occur if not to do it. But strongly it is not necessary to focus attention on it. Give the child information on the forthcoming visit of the doctor, but by no means, do not pile on the agony.

4. And here with children such tricks are more senior will not pass any more. Here it is necessary to work openly. To report to the child about the forthcoming visit of the doctor and if he begins to go obstinate and cry suggest it to execute his desire in exchange for treatment. For example, the girl dreams of a certain doll. Promise it to buy and keep the promise. And the child has to receive a toy at an exit from clinic or the house. He has to make sure at once that parents did not deceive him. And next time the campaign to the stomatologist will not turn into series of hysterics. But such method from the child should not turn into blackmail. Therefore, the desirable gift should not be very expensive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team