How to pick up a pacifier

How to pick up a pacifier

Children's shops offer many types of pacifiers for babies. Latex, silicone, round, slanted, with pimples, antikolikovy - in variety of offers any young mom can get confused.


1. Pick up a small bottle for feeding. First of all, the pacifier has to approach your small bottle. Therefore if you want to get a pacifier, remember or write out the name of the producer of your small bottle. If it is not provided possible, take a small bottle in shop.

2. Pay attention to small bottle width. Nipples for babies differ on neck width. The most widespread types - a standard neck and a wide neck. The wide pacifier is more physiologic since it reminds the child sucking of a maternal breast. Be attentive: the pacifier with a standard neck of one producer can not approach a standard small bottle of other producer even if by sight they are identical.

3. Choose pacifier material. Nipples make of silicone or latex. Latex nipples are softer, it is easier to suck them, they "remember" a milk smell. To many children it is pleasant, especially to those who were long nursed. Advantages of silicone pacifiers in their durability, durability. It is easier to wash them, they do not spoil after repeated sterilization. It is difficult for child to gnaw through such pacifier, but it is more rigid for sucking.

4. Pay attention to a special antikolikovy pacifier if the kid is hurt by a tummy. Antikolikovy nipples have special openings in the basis. Thanks to openings the vacuum in a small bottle and a mouth of the kid is not formed, air freely passes in a small bottle, and it is easier for child to suck. The kid should not swallow air to normalize pressure in a small bottle - it reduces risk of developing of painful gripes at the kid.

5. Select a pacifier according to age of the kid. Distinguish nipples for newborns, nipples from 3 to 6 months, from 6 to 12 months, nipples from 12 to 18 months. If you feed the kid with kefir or porridge from a small bottle, look for a special pacifier for porridge or a pacifier with a variable stream which allows to regulate flow rate depending on density of dairy product.

6. Special orthodontic nipples are created for formation of the correct bite during sucking. Choose an orthodontic pacifier if at the kid the first teeth or if at someone from family the wrong bite were early cut through.

7. Remember that 2-3 identical nipples at the same time will be necessary for you for the correct organization of artificial feeding of the kid. Nipples need to be sterilized before use and to change each 3 months.

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