How to pick up children's laundry detergent

How to pick up children's laundry detergent

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The range of household chemicals in shops blows the mind of young mothers today. And to pick up optimum powder for washing of children's things, it is necessary to consider not only the cost of goods and the brand, but also its structure. For care for linen for babies it is necessary to use the safest powders with hypoallergenic characteristics.

Usual laundry detergents are not suitable for washing of children's linen. They can cause irritation of gentle skin of the kid, an allergy. Except hypoallergenic characteristics, the composition of children's powder, simplicity of its washing away matters.

What has to be composition of children's powder

Laundry detergent for children's things has to have natural structure. It means that on packing of a product it will not be specified that means consists of fragrances, bleaches, enzymes, phosphates, surfactant and other substances, harmful to skin. As a rule, children's powders make of natural soap therefore they well delete pollution and carefully influence structure of fabrics.

On packing of powder it has to be specified that this means is suitable for use since the birth. Laundry detergent for children's linen should not have the expressed smell. How the structure is quickly dissolved and rinsed is of particular importance. To check it, it is enough to make the test in house conditions. For this purpose in a glass of hot water it is necessary to dissolve a small amount of laundry detergent. If water muddy, this product is badly washed away from fabric. It is not suitable for a kidswear.

Criteria for selection of powder for children's linen

Children's laundry detergents can have soft aroma, but for this purpose producers use not synthetic fragrances, but food. Powder can have a smell also from natural soap, as a rule, he speaks about use of raw materials of low quality. Upon purchase of children's bezfosfatny powder not always consider means cost. Even expensive powder can be unsafe for health of the child. Before a visit of shop by all means get acquainted with responses of buyers, opinions of independent experts. Also you do not hurry to buy in addition the conditioner to laundry detergent – it is not recommended to rinse in it children's things up to three years of the kid because of too strong smell and complex structure. If your son or the daughter are predisposed to appearance of an allergy, it is possible to wash their things powder without fears. But the clothes damp are the best of all to iron in addition clothes on both sides, so far. It is desirable after completion of washing in the machine to put the rinsing mode once again that soapsuds were carefully washed up by water. It is necessary to wash clothes for children separately from things of adults.

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