How to pick up color of foundation

How to pick up color of foundation

helps to hide many shortcomings, perfectly levels complexion, and without it it is almost impossible to provide any make-up - the ideal, shining skin is big rarity in our modern world. Rather difficult and at the same time extremely important task is the choice of shade of foundation. What should be considered, going to cosmetic shop?


  1. Color of foundation has to match natural shade of your skin - it is necessary to use it not to change color of the person and to hide shortcomings and to make your skin much more exactly. If you have any doubts and it is not possible to pick up completely corresponding shade, then give preference to lighter shade. Absolutely inadmissibly, that your face was more dark, than neck, shoulders or hands as it looks extremely unnaturally and is even vulgar.
  2. So, what your natural and ""habitual"" shade of skin? If usually you are rather pale, and your skin has slightly painful shade, then as well as possible will approach peach tone which will make tone of skin healthier and warm. At the same time peach tone do not look on face strangers.
  3. At dim and slightly earthy complexion choose cold slightly pinkish shades, it will give to your face shine and pleasant, gentle shade.
  4. In case you suffer from problem skin on which often there are pimples and reddenings and also if at your face there are reddish and bluish traces from acne, then you should choose foundation enough cold shades, with kofey-but greenish shades. It perfectly will help to hide inflammations and red sites.
  5. The so-called shining basis - light foundation with neutral shade and the sparkling microparticles which help to give to the face incredibly fresh and healthy look perfectly will be suitable for evening make-up and also to allocate relief (for example, when drawing for cheekbones or forehead) and to hide fatigue.
  6. Not to lose with the choice of the shade suitable you, first of all you need daylight. Even being in shop, try to find the place with usual lighting, but not with illumination about the stand. It is the best of all to apply foundation drop on chin, and then to shade properly. It is also possible to apply tester on the lower part of the person and to look, the difference in comparison with neck is how visible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team