How to pick up the bandage size

How to pick up the bandage size

Last months the pregnancies of women often begin to disturb back pains. To soften loading and for compensation of the increased weight, pregnant women try to curve a back and to deviate back. As a result the sacral department of a backbone experiences constant load, and the woman feels muscular back pain. For removal of these problems the special elastic belts called bandages are also created. Correctly picked up bandage gives to the woman the chance not to stop that active lifestyle to which she got used before pregnancy, keeping at the same time its bearing correct, and a back of healthy.

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1. To determine the size of a prenatal bandage, it will be required to make one measurement – the volume of hips under a stomach. So, the bandage of the ninety second size will suit women at whom the result of measurements keeps within range from eighty nine to ninety two centimeters, and the hundred twelfth – from hundred nine to hundred twelve centimeters.

2. It is impossible to tell that there is a universal model suitable all women without exception. Buying a bandage, it is necessary to try on several models and to define that which suits the specific woman.

3. One of ways to understand, a choice is how correctly made, is in that, having put on a bandage to carry out by the palm back between a tummy and an elastic band. In case it is picked up incorrectly, the hand will or slide freely, or on it the elastic band will strongly press.

4. Besides, it is important to understand whether the bandage when walking and when the woman sits is convenient or costs. For this reason it is recommended to buy it in specialized shop where experienced consultants will help to pick up a bandage in due form and will prompt what cream it is better to use at its carrying to avoid extensions of peeling and to give to stomach skin elasticity.

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