How to pick up vitamins to the child

How to pick up vitamins to the child

Now, in connection with change of nature of food, introduction of new products, most of people do not receive enough the main useful substances, including vitamins. Especially it is important for children. Children, unlike adults, quickly grow that demands balanced and good nutrition.

Influence of vitamins on the child's organism

The choice of any given vitamin depends on age of the child, presence at it of individual intolerance of some vitamins. Besides, the dose in many respects is defined by degree of vitamin shortage. It can be hypovitaminosis – a moderate lack of any given vitamin, avitaminosis – heavy degree, there are also so-called polyhypovitaminoses.

It is desirable that vitamins were nice to the taste, especially it is important for small children. Upon purchase it is necessary to pay attention to an expiration date, indications and contraindications and to select optimum doses. Each vitamin regulates any given type of a metabolism.

Vitamin A, Retinolum – normalizes sight of children, improves structure mucous and skin that is important for the growing organism. Vitamin D is necessary to the child for prevention of rickets, he participates in water-salt and mineral exchange, ossification. At its shortcoming at children the rickets or softening of bones develops. Vitamin E, tocopherol – promotes increase in muscular force, increases working capacity. It plays a large role for children of school age at high physical and intellectual activities. Besides, it regulates function of internal glands. Vitamin K, fillokhinon – is a part of the curtailing system of blood. The most important of water-soluble are vitamins of group B and vitamin C. Vitamin C is ascorbic acid which normalizes exchange of proteins, and proteins for children is a source of irreplaceable amino acids. As children often are ill, vitamin C will be very opportunely because it increases immunity. In addition, by means of it collagen which is necessary for increase in elasticity of skin of children is synthesized. Ascorbic acid strengthens vessels of a children's organism. For normalization of activity of nervous system at children group B vitamins which have value for all types of exchange have huge value: proteinaceous, fat, carbohydrate.

Choice of vitamins B of dependence on age of the child

Vitamins need to be selected, proceeding from age of the child. The thing is that according to an age periodization during any given period of growth and development children need certain substances. So, allocate 3 critical periods of shortage of vitamins: from 2 to 5 years, with 5 to 7 and with 7 to 12. At babyhood children active rates have a development of a bone tissue, including teeth. Therefore it is very important to fill shortage of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium in a children's organism. In 5 years children actively grow. In 7 they go to school. During this period the vitamin medicines containing iodine, zinc, vitamins of the B and Page group have huge value. They improve activity of a brain, develop memory and thinking. During the next period for younger school students it is expedient to use vitamins which have a full range of minerals. Thus, on the basis of all aforesaid it is possible to draw a conclusion that, choosing vitamins for the child, it is necessary to consider his specific features, age and degree of a vitamin deficiency.

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