How to plan conception

How to plan conception

The birth of the healthy child - huge joy for parents therefore future fathers and mothers should approach consciously planning of conception and to observe some advice which will help them not to worry for health of their future baby.


1. If you are future dad, then several months prior to alleged conception refuse smoking or sharply reduce quantity of the cigarettes smoked in day - nicotine negatively affects not only quantity, but also quality of sperm. Probability of conception of the healthy child will be higher if you completely refuse consumption of alcoholic drinks. You do not wear tight underwear and clothes which pulls together genitals men - temperature, necessary for formation of spermatozoa, is maintained only in free clothes. Eat more proteinaceous food and surely include vegetables and fruit in the diet.

2. If you are future mom, then before conception surely consult the gynecologist. Make tests on the latent infections and venereal diseases which sometimes can proceed asymptomatically. In case of their identification complete a full course of treatment and only then plan pregnancy. If you have chronic diseases, then before conception surely visit the expert at whom you are observed - unfortunately, pregnancy is capable to lead to exacerbations of chronic illnesses. Consult the geneticist if in your family there are genetic diseases. The rubella which can lead even to death of a fruit is very dangerous to women in situation therefore if you had no it before pregnancy, make the test on susceptibility to this infectious disease.

3. Also completely refuse smoking and alcohol which can lead not only to an abortion, but also cause congenital malformations in a fruit. Enrich the diet with fruit and vegetables - vitamins and minerals will be vital for development of the healthy baby. If the mass of your body is very small or, on the contrary, is too big, try to normalize your weight before conception.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team