How to plan pregnancy

How to plan pregnancy

Time has come, and you with the husband decided to bring the beautiful kid. Before taking such responsible and important step, you need to prepare the organism for incubation of a fruit carefully. Now the increasing number of people is understood that pregnancy has to be not sudden, and planned. Such approach to the birth of the child will secure you against unnecessary risks during incubation and childbirth.


1. The first that needs to be made, planning pregnancy – to descend for consultation to the gynecologist. He will make at you swab tests from a vagina, a rectum, cervical and urethral channels. Also the doctor will direct you to delivery of such analyses as: Ultrasonography, a kolposkopiya, the general analysis of urine, the general and biochemical blood tests, dabs and blood test on sexually transmitted infections, blood test on sugar, a koagulogramm, the analysis for definition of a blood type and a Rhesus factor, blood test on hormones, etc.

2. You will make the majority of tests not some. Your spouse too surely has to be examined. He will make tests on sexually transmitted infections, a spermogram and the analysis for definition of a Rhesus factor and a blood type. If it becomes clear that you have a negative Rhesus factor, and at it positive, to you will appoint the analysis to antibodies.

3. Besides the gynecologist, you should visit also some other doctors. You will have to be checked at the stomatologist, the oculist, the endocrinologist, the cardiologist, the allergist, etc. If someone from your relatives has any hereditary diseases, it is necessary to descend on consultation to the geneticist.

4. The following step on the way to safe pregnancy and the birth of the healthy kid – total rejection of addictions. If you smoke, you have to refuse it several months prior to conception. Same concerns also consumption of alcoholic beverages. Has to lead a healthy lifestyle as well your husband on whom health of future child depends as well, as well as on you.

5. Pay attention to the food allowance. You have to eat properly and in a balanced way. Refuse fast food and also too fat and smoked products. Eat many vegetables and fruit to fill the organism with useful substances. Consult with the gynecologist, perhaps, he will appoint to you vitamins C folic acid which can be drunk in 3-6 months prior to pregnancy as prevention of malformations of a fruit.

6. Starting directly conception, you remember that couple of days it is better not to have sex before. You have to choose successful time for conception, and it is the third week after periods. Now from you only the positive spirit and belief that you give birth to the healthy and happy kid is required.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team