How to plan pregnancy after an abortion

How to plan pregnancy after an abortion

The abortion becomes heartrending experience for physical and moral health of the woman. Therefore to avoid its repetition, it is the best of all to know how it is necessary to plan correctly pregnancy after such situation.


1. Find out the abortion reason. Despite the high level of development of medicine, it works well not always. But in some cases the doctor nevertheless will be able to carry out right diagnostics. If the abortion was not the first, make together with the spouse tests for identification of possible chromosomal violations. Also make a full complex of tests on detection of diseases, sexually transmitted. Also the partner has to make the same. Even any slight infection which is not disturbing in usual life can become the catalyst of termination of pregnancy.

2. Wait some time before new attempts to become pregnant. If the abortion occurred on early term, till fourth month, about half a year is desirable to allow an organism to have a rest. However in some cases at permission of the doctor it is possible to become pregnant earlier. For late abortions which consequence was artificial childbirth the abstention term calculates from pregnancy individually and depends on whether Cesarean section was performed to a rodorazresheniye. If yes, the term of expectation it is necessary to increase that about one year and more that the seam on a uterus managed to begin to live completely.

3. Get rid of addictions, especially of smoking. It has negative effect not only on unproductive function, but also on a fruit, reducing inflow of oxygen to it. Refuse alcohol. Try to lead moderately active lifestyle. Eat more vegetables and fruit.

4. If termination of pregnancy was connected with premature disclosure of a neck of the uterus, discuss with the doctor a possibility of imposing of seams on it in case of pregnancy approach. This procedure is safe for the child if to see it to emergence of threat of an abortion. Also with a case of problems with the level of hormones the doctor can appoint to you support of pregnancy in the form of pricks and tablets. It you should not be frightened as these hormones are natural to a female body during pregnancy and do not harm future child.

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