How to play dolls with the child

How to play dolls with the child

Game is an integral part of life of any child, it is simply necessary for full development of the kid. The special place in lives both boys, and girls is occupied by a game in dolls.


1. Begin to play with the child in dolls still before to him year is executed. Of course, a game at such age will not have a plot. Perform simple operations with dolls - to brush, feed, put to bed. It is quite possible that the child at this age during the game will repeat every time the same. In that case try to switch its attention to others action with the same doll.

2. Try that in process of growing of the child, your game in dolls became all nasyshchenny. From one action you pass to their consecutive chain. For example, at first just comb dolls, and then wash, comb and put to bed. But do not demand obligatory performance of what you thought up, let the kid itself shows imagination. Nothing terrible if he washes a doll and will put her to bed, without combing. At more advanced age the child himself will build a story line, but so far he cannot make it, you have to help it.

3. You enter different objects as soon as your child learns to perform the simplest operations with a doll into a game. Now in shop it is possible to buy everything for dolls: lodges, pieces of furniture, clothes, ware and many other things. But experts recommend to do all this of substitutes, for example, a lodge - from a box, a saucepan - from molds. The invention of ways of use of various objects develops imagination of the child. Make a bed for a doll as follows: take a box, put fabric rags instead of bed linen there – the bed is ready. Perhaps, children are more senior and will not want to play with substitutes, but such game surely will interest little children, and they will cook in molds for sand soup and to put to bed a doll in a box.

4. Show that you are sincerely interested in a game in dolls with the child. Do not begin to play if you know that you something will be constant to distract, for example, the dinner which is preparing on a plate. The kid has to feel that you sincerely worry for his dolls, love them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team