How to play with the child of the house

How to play with the child of the house

Children very much love outdoor games in the fresh air. But there is not always an opportunity to go outside. During a disease or at rainy weather it is better to sit houses. If adults can always find, than occupy themselves, then children sometimes cannot do it. Therefore it is important to be able to play with the child of the house.


1. Children love when adults participate in their games therefore if the child spends at home the whole day, play together with it more. Excellent pastime - board games: dominoes, puzzles, designers. It is possible to organize competitions - who will quicker collect the picture from a puzzle. It is also possible to draw, make beautiful applique of color paper and to hang up the joint creations on a wall.

2. Do not forget that the child needs daily physical activity. And in spite of the fact that he stays at home, he should allow to splash out energy. Of course, it is possible to watch silently how he jumps on sofas and rides on a floor. But you will give to the child great pleasure, having divided with it its games. Turn on the music, stage a small disco or a contest of dances - who whom peretantsut?

3. It is possible to occupy for some time the child with viewing by the animated film, for example, if you have to make a lunch. But this occupation should not drag on. On viewing animated films and the developing transfers you take away one or one and a half hours a day.

4. If you are busy with something, and the child asks to play with him, can ask it to bring his favourite toy from other room. As soon as he makes it, at once send him to the following task - to bring a red cube, then - a little doll, etc. Perhaps, in search of a doll, the kid will be distracted by a toy which he did not see long ago, and will a little play with it while you complete affairs.

5. If the child wants to be in kitchen while you make a lunch, you can occupy it with an interesting game and here. Stick around plasticine a glass jar, fill before the child gradually of different grain and ask it that it decorated with this grain to bank that it became similar to a vase. Such fascinating game will be pleasant to both the kid, and the child is more senior, and still it is useful that it develops fine motor skills.

6. Play with the child jewelry store - fill confectionery in a plateau, namely, horns and pasta of different size, take a thin lacet and make together a beads for shop. Especially will estimate such game of the girl as then it is possible to dress up in such unusual self-made jewelry. That a beads turned out even more originally, it is possible to paint at first pasta with paints and to dry up, and then to string on a lace.

7. It is possible to arrange puppet theater - to beat the fairy tale some, well familiar to it together with the child. It will give pleasure to both you, and him. In a word, games with which it is possible to occupy the child of the house, great variety, the main thing not to be lazy, apply imagination, to infect the child with the positive mood and not to be idle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team