How to play with the kid

How to play with the kid

The best way of education and training of the child – a game, in a game he learns the world around and learns to think.

It is required to you

  • pyramid, cubes.


1. The best game at early age - a game with various objects. Occupation with pyramids and cubes will develop memory, thinking, the speech, attention at your kid. At first it is necessary to help your kid assembled of a pyramid. Your task is to teach the kid as it is necessary to play with a pyramid. In order that the kid did not lose interest in a game, upon termination of a game remove it from the child's eyes. For absolutely small whose age till 1 year, perfectly will approach absolutely simple pyramid in which there will be 3 or 4 multi-colored ringlets. Your task in such game is to teach the kid as it is necessary to put on a ringlet a core. Surely encourage the correct actions of the child. When the kid understands this game, the task can be complicated – to give to the child a pyramid with ringlets of the different sizes and flowers. This game perfectly develops motility of hands of the child.

2. A game on folding of "a smooth pyramid" will be suitable for one-and-a-half-year children. "Smooth" is a pyramid in which all ringlets are located on increase, from bigger to smaller. The main objective of such game is to teach the child to distinguish the sizes of objects and to get an idea of a concept "more – less". Teach the child to check whether smooth at him the pyramid turned out.

3. After your child learns also it, it is possible to diversify your actions with pyramids. Put together with the kid a path from pyramid ringlets, having disposed from a bigger ring to smaller. Also you can construct a tower of ringlets, explaining to the child that in order that the tower did not fall, rings it is necessary to arrange in size. To teach the kid to distinguish size, mix all rings and together find the smallest, more, the biggest.

4. By 2 years with the child it is possible to play also cubes. Build together with him towers. If the child began to collect a turret independently, help him words. Explain that if he already took a big cube, then it is necessary to find less. Try to collect a lodge or a chair with a table. Explain to the kid as it is possible to use such construction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team